Control in [fresh food] Physiology


“Farming with sensors is so much easier” was mentioned recently by a fruit grower. CP developed their decision support system for harvest management in citrus based on spatio-temporally resolved SW-NIR spectroscopy. The farm located in California, USA, captures 600 ha of citrus fruit production. We are proud to contribute to the farmers’ success and the supply with healthy food for all of us.

Our staff provides extension service in the production of fresh horticultural produce, as well as for consumer organisations, e.g. Aprifel, France, and environmental actions, e.g. in transnational projects with research partners (e.g. in Greece, Denmark, UK & Germany) aimed at providing the fresh food that we need, while reducing food waste by means of optimized process management.


We perform Engineering, Development, Prototyping, and Manufacturing of Sensor Solutions. Our software development captures

  • embedded software
  • calibration and validation
  • implementation of data in applications for control of processes
  • using data as input in modelling routines such as digital twins
  • visualising data and information